Power Outage Tips

Take practical steps to keep you and your loved ones safe during a power outage.

Stay away from all downed lines or sparking equipment, and keep children and pets away from fallen lines and anything the lines may touch.

  • Never remove debris that's within 10 feet of a power line.
  • Unplug major appliances to protect them when power comes back on.
  • Leave a light turned on so you know when power is restored.
  • Refuel heaters, lamps, and generators outside, and stay away from any flames or sparks. Wipe up fuel spills immediately.
  • Let us know if you're using a generator – this protects you and our line workers as they work to restore power.
  • Never operate lanterns, heaters, or fuel-fired stoves without proper ventilation.
  • Never burn charcoal indoors. It releases poisonous carbon monoxide.
  • Do not let children carry candles or oil lamps.


Stay away from downed power lines

Never touch a downed power line. A common myth is that a power line is insulated like a power cord. What may look like insulation is actually weatherproofing material, which offers no insulation. Power lines are not insulated like power cords.


What if I see a downed power line?

  • Don't touch it or any wire near it. Even telephone or cable lines can become energized
  • Call 911 or contact Hope Water & Light at 870-777-3000 


What if a power line is touching my car?

If your vehicle comes in contact with a downed power line,

  • Stay put and seek help
  • Honk the horn, roll down your window and yell for help, use your mobile phone
  • Make sure to tell passersby not to come near the vehicle


What if I have to exit the vehicle?

If you have to exit a vehicle that has come in contact with downed power lines,

  • Remove loose items of clothing
  • Jump clear of the vehicle, landing with both feet together
  • Keep your feet together and shuffle or "bunny hop" away from the car