Electric Metering

Personnel in Hope Water & Light’s Electric Metering Department are responsible for monitoring Electric meter accuracy and performing tests to ensure residential, commercial and industrial rated meters are meeting specifications. In addition, personnel install Current Transformer (CT) rated meter sites and perform a series of tests to verify all components of a CT meter site are meeting specifications. Hope Water & Light values the accuracy of the systems and meters that are installed at customer locations and we strive to ensure all meter systems are performing within specifications.


Hope Water & Light’s test procedure includes visual inspection of the meter and its location for proper installation, meter type, and physical damage. Our procedure also includes a calibration test at our meter shop to determine the accuracy of the meter and any needed adjustment of the meter to within acceptable limits before returning it into our system. Should a meter require testing, we normally replace your meter at the time of removal to eliminate additional trips and interruption of your service.


The Arkansas Public Service Commission requires that the meter shall not have an error of more than plus 2% or minus 4% at light load (5-10% of capacity), or plus or minus 2% at heavy load (60-200% of capacity). We test our meters at 10% for light load and 100% for heavy load.