Water Production


Hope Water & Light is committed to providing highly reliable safe drinking water to our customers. We have multiple sources for water to ensure our ability to meet the needs of our customers now and into the future. Hope Water & Light’s water sources are Little River and nine wells.  Surface water from Little River is treated by the 6.0 million gallons per day (MGD) facility in Fulton, AR.  Six wells with a pumping capacity of 2.8 MGD are located in the Oakhaven area north of Hope, AR, and pump water from the Tokio Aquifer.  The remaining three wells are located within the Hope city limits and pump water with a capacity of 0.8 MGD from the Nacatoch Aquifer to a ground storage tank (Ground Water Reservoir) with a 0.36 MG storage capacity.  This gives our water system an overall pumping capacity of 9.6 MGD. 

The surface water plant has a ground storage tank (Surface Water Clearwell) with a 2.0 MG storage capacity.  There are four elevated storage tanks included in the water system: 1MG (New Oakhaven Tank) in the Oakhaven area, 0.75 MG (I-30 Tank), 0.5 MG (9th Street Tank), and another 0.5 MG (23rd Street Tank) located within Hope city limits.  Including the 0.34 MG storage capacity (Ground Water Reservoir) at the Hope Water and Light office, this gives our water system an overall storage capacity at approximately 5.1 MG.


There are also three water booster stations that are located on the west side, south side and north side of the water system. The average water pressure is between 55 – 60 psi in Hope city limits and 70 psi in the Oakhaven area.


The water system also provides water to four consecutive rural water systems: Ozan Creek Waterworks, Southwest Arkansas Water System (SAWS) McNab, Southwest Arkansas Water System (SAWS) Springhill, and Bodcaw Water System.


2015’s Minimum Day Water Consumption: 1,415,000 gallons (January 2th)

2015’s Average Day Water Consumption: 2,881,934 gallons

2015’s Peak Day Water Consumption: 5,233,000 gallons (July 7th)


Questions and Concerns:

For questions or/and concerns of the water utility, contact Leslie R. Patterson II, P.E., R.S., Water System Planning Director, at (870) 777-3000 Ext. 521. 



The Water Production Department is overseen by the Assistant General Manager of Operations, Russell Cornelius.  There are currently four employees in the department: Billy Willis, Water Production Supervisor; Dean Marsh, Water Production Operator; Jeffery Yates, Water Production Operator.