Hope Water & Light’s water sources are the Little River and nine wells.  Surface water from the Little River is treated at a surface water treatment plant near Fulton, Arkansas.  Six wells are located in the Oakhaven area north of Hope, and pump water from the Tokio Aquifer.  The remaining three wells are located within the Hope city limits and pump water from the Nacatoch Aquifer to a ground storage tank.  The surface water treatment plant can treat 6.0 million gallons per day (mgd).  The six (6) wells in the Oakhaven area can provide about 2.8 mgd.  The Oakhaven wells pump directly into the distribution system with only chlorine being added at each location.  The three (3) wells in Hope can provide about 0.8 mgd to the ground storage tank, and the chlorinated water is then pumped from the ground storage tank into the distribution system.  This makes a total production capacity of about 9.6 mgd.

The maximum daily usage is about 5.09 mgd.  The water system storage capacity is 4,750,000 gallons from four (4) elevated tanks and one (1) ground storage clear well at the surface water treatment plant with back-up generators.  With back-up generators the clear well storage is considered useable storage.  Hope Water & Light also has the 500,000 gallon ground storage tank that the 3 wells in Hope pump into without back-up generators.

 Back-up generators are installed at the raw water intake, surface water treatment plant, and all booster stations.  Therefore, a total of 6.0 mgd can be treated and supplied to the HWL customers during a total power outage.

The Hope Water & Light Commission sets water rates according to scheduled rate studies to meet the financial needs of HWL. Rates are established to meet the financial obligations required of HWL as well as maintaining the physical assets to provide safe, reliable water service.


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