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Large Light And Power


This schedule is available in all territory served by HWL for Lighting And Power Service customers.

Alternating current, sixty-hertz, 120/240 volts nominal, single phase or three phase, or at such higher voltages as HWL may make available at the point of delivery.  HWL reserves the right of final determination of voltage and phase of service.

Service to a single contiguous property will normally be provided at one point of delivery and through one meter; provided however, that at the option of HWL, service may be provided at more than one point of delivery on contiguous property in which event, each point of delivery will be considered a separate account and will be metered and charged separately.

Commercial customers having a connected load greater than 500 KVA but not exceeding 5,000 KVA; or a minimum billing demand greater than 500 kW but less than 5,000 kW during any month of the most recent 12 month period.


NET MONTHLY RATE                                                                       

Customer Charge:            $82.70/Month 

Energy Charge:                May thru September Billing Cycle:   6.91 per kilowatt-hour

                                          October thru April Billing Cycle:        4.97 per kilowatt-hour                

Demand Charge:

Secondary Service                 

May thru September Billing Cycle:  $7.10 per kilowatt of Billing Demand in the month, but not less than $3,555.00.(1)

October thru April Billing Cycle:  $5.80 per kilowatt of Billing Demand in the month, but not less than $2,900.00.(1)

Primary Service                 

May thru September Billing Cycle:  $6.60 per kilowatt of Billing Demand in the month, but not less than $3,300.00.(1)

October thru April Billing Cycle:  $5.30 per kilowatt of Billing Demand in the month, but not less than $2,650.00.(1)

(1) Minimum Monthly Billing Demand Charges at 500 kW.                                                                                         Minimum monthly billing demand charge subject to billing                                                                                     demand clause of this rate schedule.


The kilowatts of billing demand for each month will be the average kilowatt load created by the Customer during the 15 minute period of maximum use during the month, but not less than 70% of the highest kilowatts of billing demand established during the 11 (eleven) preceding months or 500KW.  The kilowatts of billing demand will be subject to the Power Factor Adjustment Clause.

HWL reserves the right to determine the power factor of the Customer's installation served hereunder.  Should the  power factor at the time of establishment of any 15 minute period of maximum use during the month be determined to be below 90%, the Customer's Kilowatts of Billing Demand will be adjusted by multiplying the Kilowatts of Billing Demand by 90% and dividing the result by the actual power factor at the time of maximum use.

Should the customer operate equipment with highly fluctuating, intermittent, or abnormal characteristics that make it necessary for HWL to install any additional distribution facilities to serve the Customer or to prevent disturbances to the service of other customers, an additional charge of $1.00 per month per kilovolt ampere (KVA) or fraction thereof of transformer capacity installed by HWL to serve the Customer will be added to the Customer's bill.

Upon the request of the Customer, there will be a discount of 2.2 percent of the kilowatt hour charge on all monthly bills if electric service is provided at HW&L's primary distribution voltage of 13.8 KV or higher and the Customer furnishes and maintains all necessary transformation equipment beyond this point.

HWL shall furnish, install, and maintain those facilities required to serve the Customer's load with a monthly charge to the Customer according to the following schedule:

  1. A monthly charge of 1.75% will be applied to the total investment in facilities that are installed, owned, operated and maintained by HWL.

  2. The monthly charge for maintaining facilities installed and owned by HWL but for which the customer has paid the full amount to HWL will be 0.57% of the total investment in the facilities.

In addition to all other charges, the amount of the Customer's bill will be increased or decreased by an amount per kilowatt hour calculated according to the formula in the Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) - Rider.

Customers who pay within 10 days of the date of the bill will pay the CURRENT BILL computed on the Net Monthly Rate.  Bills paid after 10 days from the date of the bill will include a late payment charge of ten percent (10%) of the first $30 plus two percent (2%) of the amount over $30.

Service will be  furnished under HWL's Standard Terms and Conditions For Electric Service.


Type of Service:



Rate 4 B (Series 406, 407, 408, 416, 417, 418)


Large Light & Power


June 18, 2014


January 2015


Rate 4, Adopted June 18, 2014



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